One of the most popular types of holiday Australians go on – are Cruises. As there are so many different types, we’re sharing some the community opinions on Cruise liners, what they offer, what to watch out for and things to consider…

Before getting into the opinions, is that generally, if you take into account multiple-destination travelling – Cruise holiday are often cheaper, especially if you have kids. This cost usually includes accommodation, events, catering and other fun stuff (but only some offer unlimited beverages).

1. Celebrity Cruises (
On the ship, the pools are in abundance – with an outdoor pool for children and private adult-only pool exclusively for people who want to get away. Children’s room are available as seperate or linked, but keep in mind that this company only allowed children from 3 years +. You can leave a child in kids-safe areas, usually with entertainment, arts & crafts, and other kids to play with. One huge advantage for Russian-speakers is the presence of Russian staff who are highly skilled.

The dining area is where the the excitement stems is central – where food in unlimited, but keep in mind that a healthy diet is not very easy to find. So better start getting fit before the holiday. In the evenings, interesting events are held for for adults, with shows, night clubs and bars to spend the night under the stars.

2. P & O (

P & O has a huge fleet of ships. One of which is the Pacific Jewel. From value for money perspective – it is rated as good, with 3-3.5 stars. This cruise offers the traditional and interesting leisure activities. Customer service is key for this cruise lines organised at the highest level, with few complaints from customers and friendly staff. The kids clubs are excellently organised for children to suit all ages. However, among the disadvantages is the expensive alcohol. So if you’re not a not detox – the additional sneaky drinks may add up.

This cruise is ideal for families with children. Tip: head to the Children’s sailing club, which runs daily and into the night. Parents can drop off their kids and enjoy all the Cruise can offer: swimming in the pool, relax in the spa or watch a movie, play tennis, check out a musicals, or head into the many restaurants.

In terms of price P&O has a few offers during the year – so keep an eye for deals and specials. Tip: take advantage of group discounts, and head together with a group of friends/couples and everyone can save.

Other ships like Princess are also excellent, usually travelling in the area of ​​New Zealand. Note this one only accepts children 3 years+ as well.

3. Royal Caribbean (
Royal Caribbean offers a great vacation at an affordable price. It offers quite a few deals through out the year, and be diligent in finding bargains online, where in some case you can get the same cruise 30% cheaper.
This particular Cruise line is voted one one of the best in the cruise world for the quality of services it provides.

Going on cruise with Royal Caribbean, you should be aware that tips are mandatory – and budget for an additional $200. Sometimes, this amount is included in the price of the tickets, so as you don’t need to fiddle around with on the cruise liner.

Tip: it’s worth taking a room with a balcony – not just for the views, but is you’re prone to suffering from claustrophobia and sea sickness, or want a little romantic atmosphere – this is best room to get. Many simply enjoy being out on your balcony at any time of the day and just admire the sea.

Royal Caribbean offers a number of ships, but do not forget to dive deeper to see which ship suits you best.Some cruises are designed for over 60 travellers. «Explorer of seas» for instance, targets middle-aged travellers, but the ratings are standard. Investigate what suits your budget and find the ship that appeals to you most.

4. Silversea (
This is an American company, but partially represented in Australia. So, it conducts tours of Australia and New Zealand. Silversea is widely represented all over the world, which allows for not only local but also long round the world cruises.

Taking a cruise from Australia makes it easy, and saves on airline costs as well.

Have a great vacation!